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Address :
Jalan Cempaka, Taman Cempaka, 68000 Ampang, Selangor

Contact :
Tel +6012-233 2901

Who Are We?
Twist Creatives is a young creative company based in Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia and specialized in alternative branding and marketing solutions.

The team is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to market yourself, your brands and your products and services. Our pool of creatives excels in diverse forms of art and brings some freshness to our projects.

We focus primarily on clever graphic design, applications development, events management and unexpected and unconventional marketing campaigns that rely on creativity to get maximum results from minimal budgets.

Why Choosing Us?
We make brands more exciting
In today’s world, we believe that brands have to reinvent themselves in their relationship to their customers. Not only your products and services have to bring value to your customers but also your brand itself has to provide something that others don’t have.

We are exploring every way possible to keep the customer experience fresh and exciting and to help you stand out through a clever use of modern technologies like mobile phone applications, interactive installations and more. We are making sure that you bring value to your audience every time you interact.

We help companies nurturing a special relationship, which engages their customers by breaking the routine and putting back some fun into it! Not only will you convert new customers and build the loyalty of existing ones but you will also get a tremendous media coverage!

Think Smart
To get the best results at lower cost, we need to keep challenging the established order and find unexpected ways of doing things.

Think Honest
In our team and with our clients, we believe that honesty, mutual respect and understanding always foster a win-win relationship.

Think Partner
We believe in active teamwork and regular exchanges with our clients to foster a loyal and long-term partnership for success.

Our Services
Graphic Design:
Web Design
We design, setup and maintain dynamic CMS websites and e-commerce platforms.

Logo Design
We conceptualize and create clever logos that stand out and talk to your customers.

Business Cards
We design creative business cards that always stand out and will get you full attention.

Brochures & Flyers
We design high quality flyers and brochures to show your target market your true value.

Event Management:
Sound System
With a crisp sound and heavy bass, we provide the best quality sound systems to let your voice get heard.

Talent Sourcing
We are working with the finest performers in Malaysia to bring excitement to your events.
Event Promo
We advertise your event on dedicated platforms in order to attract as many guests as possible.

Photo & Video
We bring you the best multimedia experience with photos, corporate videos and 3D animations.

New Media:
App Development
We code useful apps that reach a wide population using the latest mobile technology.

Social Media
We help you make the most of your online presence to boost your reach and exposure.

Guerrilla Mkt
Even small budgets can get big impact and we will show you how to maximize your reach and go viral.

The Media Lab
We are exploring new creative ways to create the buzz and attract a lot of attention.

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