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Golden Equator Consulting

by Golden Equator Consulting
173 views @ 04-Mar-2018

A digitally-focused business consulting firm that helps you with Strategy. Transformation. Growth.

Digital Consulting
We understand that the digital world is unchartered territory for many businesses. We are here to help you transform your business to keep up with this ever-changing arena, driving real change and making sure that you are always ahead of the curve.

Digital Transformation
Guiding you to leverage digital technologies while future-proofing your business against change

Design Thinking
Approaching complex business challenges through systematic, iterative and 360-degree methodologies

Omni Channel Strategy
Helping you create an integrated and consistent customer experience across all touch points

Marketing Analytics & Strategy
Reaching your audience effectively through the use of social, content, search and data marketing techniques

Market Entry and Research
We know the next step is always the most important one, which is why our team of experts is on hand to help you on your company’s growth journey. With decades of experience in Asia, we can shorten your learning curve and give you the tools to succeed as well as help you expand.

Go-to-market Strategy
Effectively bringing your value proposition to your target customers through the right mix of channels

Market Intelligence
Aiding your decision-making process by empowering you through in-depth SWOT analysis as well as market opportunity and market penetration studies

Business Development
Creating long-term value for your organisation through commercial partnerships and identifying new market opportunities

Product Strategy
Building a comprehensive roadmap that acts as the basis of your product life cycle while providing you with execution plans for sustainable product development

Business Strategy
We understand that running a business is not easy. We work closely with you to identify where you are and how to get you where you want to go. We help you close gaps and spot opportunities. You can rely on our years of experience guiding SMEs and CEOs to make sure that you are on the right track to success.

Organisational Redesign
Re-aligning business workflow, organisational structures and systems for maximum efficiency

Change Management
Transitioning you through changes on both an individual and team level, ensuring that your organisation adapts accordingly

Expansion and Acquisitions
Assisting you through different stages of growth as well as in the acquisition and mergers of new businesses

Marketing and Creative
First impressions count and consumer touch-points are everywhere. In this digital age, your business’s success depends largely on public perception. We’re there to build your brand story and make sure your message is communicated properly to all audiences – both internally and externally.

Branding and Re-branding
Setting you apart from your competition through the creation of a strong identity

Creative Design
Leveraging on conceptual thinking approaches to represent your business to the public

Strategic Communications
Creating in-person engagement opportunities and building a positive public image, allowing your customers to better understand your business

Tech and Innovation
In today’s rapidly evolving world, sometimes you feel like you’re running to stand still. Whether it’s mobile applications, websites, or new products, our experienced development team will work with you to ensure that you’re ready to deal with the ever-changing world of innovation.

Information and System Architecture
Designing and implementing of an information technology framework for your organisation

IT Solutions
Tailored IT solutions through integration while value-adding to current IT systems and products in line with your business needs

System Development and Integration
Bolstering existing systems as well as integrating computer systems and software applications

Whether it’s organising the payroll, incorporating an office or structuring your HR, operations is the beating heart of any business. We use our decades of experience to ensure you only have to worry about making your business succeed.

Human Resource & Administrative frameworks
Providing you with the human resource polices and protocols to aid you in sustainable and structural organisational growth

Financial Infrastructure
Ensuring that the financial backbone of an organisation can handle the demands of the ever evolving digital era

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