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by WooContent
194 views @ 11-Mar-2018

Woo Content is an international, multi-lingual copywriting agency with experience in delivering high quality content at speed and scale.

Our team of dedicated writers produce engaging copy across all industry sectors. Working closely with experienced editors and strategists, we deliver an exceptional standard of content in a variety of formats and languages that is tailored for both people and search engines.

Things that make you go WOO
- High quality copy from in-house and carefully selected freelance copywriters
- Cloud-based technology that streamlines content production and delivery
- Cost effective, ROI focused content that is optimised for search and social media
- Multi-lingual copy can be created if required.

What We Do:
Content Strategy

It’s all too easy to get caught in the trap of thinking that content begins and ends with publishing.
In reality, it’s vital to identify user needs and align these to your commercial goals, before embarking on any form of content creation.

Copywriting Services
Think of your website as your shop window – if you’ve not got your best display on show, you’ll lose ground to competition.
Today, creating content for your website goes way beyond putting some clever words together and structuring them in a way that will buy you some love from search engines. People and search engines alike are more digitally savvy than ever, and know the difference between good and bad copy.

Multilingual Copywriting
More and more businesses are finding a home in the global marketplace.
Yet for all the opportunities on offer in the online world, there are some distinct challenges for those that operate in multiple countries and regions.

For these brands to succeed, tapping into the language, culture and values of your overseas markets is essential. This is where WooContent can help.

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